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Children are going to have sexual intercourse anyway, they will say, and so they may as well have it with the full guidance and support of highly trained government experts, and all the equipment they need to defeat the natural purpose of the act.

It is all a question of the ethos of the individual school.In Holland, teenagers are five times less likely to give birth than their British counterparts.Don't tell me that this is because Dutch boys are all carefully dressed in government-issued condoms, or because Dutch girls abort their babies before they can be born. The truth is that Dutch teenagers don't get pregnant much because they don't get much sex. EU law requires organisations placing cookies through websites onto visitors’ computers to obtain their “consent” after providing clear and comprehensive information about how cookies are used on the websites. This Cookie Policy is designed to tell you about our practices regarding the collection of information from you when visiting our website through Cookies and other tracking technologies.

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