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Problem is you can’t profile aliens it’s against the law and many are shape shifting aliens anyway.

Many feel it’s too late because they are already living with us, some a just making the best of it like this one New York artist it appears makes her living by photographing real aliens and making Lucky artworks to enhance ones relationship with the great beyond (Aliens UFOs).

Here is your 5 step checklist: Venus is often the brightest and often the planet most often mistaken for an extraterrestrial visitor spacecraft or UFO but 5 of our orbiting planets in this solar system can be seen with the necked eye.

Check with your local astronomer to determine the location of visible planets or that information is available online at Earth and

I've actually seen people that can shape shift from human looking to Reptilians.

Part of my mission is to help people get to the ships that need to be on the ships..." Cynthia Prepare for WHEN ALIENS ATTACK today!

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unexplainable missing hair, bruises or strange marks on your body? Copyright free pictures with Russian text removed for easy English or Spanish Use.

"the stunning image is actually not the first instance of a shape like this being seen.

Known as 'jellyfish' UFOs this type of anomaly has been caught before with some even suggesting that the objects could be 'aliens' who absorb light above the clouds."10-year, Multi-disciplinary Search Effort Will Harness World’s Largest Telescopes to Mine Data from Nearest Million Stars, Milky Way and 100 Galaxies "We believe that life arose spontaneously on Earth.

Do not panic or phone 911 if say you've just seen some abnormal lights in the sky, glowing orbs that moved in strange ways, or similar unfamiliar airborne phenomena.

There are a few things to consider and do before you contact Mutural Unidentified Flying Object Network (MUFON) via their online UFO reporting page or telephoning The National Unidentified Flying Object Reporting Center (NUFORC) it could help to check what's in the sky in your area.

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