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” But if you’re told no, I wouldn’t spend more capital on it. Should my cover letter mention the employee who told me about the job and met me to discuss it?

I’m currently in the process of applying for what could potentially be my dream job.

I have been working at the same medium-sized nonprofit for the past seven years and, as such, consider a number of my coworkers to be good friends.

But she doesn’t see why using cash a business meal or event is a faux pas or misstep.As her supervisor, am I able to mandate her to use an electronic payment?She has refused all attempts so far and says she won’t change. I am baffled by why you think it’s not okay for her to pay in cash.It’s perfectly fine for her to pay in cash, it’s not unprofessional or a misstep, and it’s super weird that you’re telling her that it is.Let her pay in cash if she wants to, and leave her alone. My supervisor gets a “bucket” of funds available to distribute to his team as he sees fit.

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