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- Dealing with the Pressure to Get Married"Rob Eagar helps singles no longer feel like second-class citizens.

Dating with Pure Passion points out how true fulfillment and great relationships are found by discovering pure passion for God and others.""Rob Eagar offers a rare blessing indeed: a male perspective on romance.

His message is biblical and very practical for Christian students.

I recommend Rob to any college that wants to encourage Christian students to love Christ first.""Rob Eagar has an extraordinary ability to connect with single adults at the deepest level.

Tired of struggling, Eagar finally yielded to a new perspective that brought real contentment as a single and later a wonderful marriage to his wife, Ashley.

This unique perspective has helped more than 25,000 singles and young adults grow closer in their relationship to God and others.

It’s a strange condition that compels an author to continually peek at their book’s Amazon sales ranking throughout the day.

He lovingly points singles to Christ as their source of wholeness and preparation for successful relationships.""Dating with Pure Passion is a 'must-read' for all Christian singles that will be referenced and recommended for a lifetime.

It is one of the precious few books that present hands-on teaching about our identity in Christ - the power to "life" out what the author proclaims.

It not about getting fulfillment from your girlfriend/wife, but rather it is about recognizing the love that Christ has for us ...

This has got to be the best dating book I have ever read.

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