Dating valentine sons postcards

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They produced a great range of view-cards that were mostly printed in Scotland in tinted halftone lithography or issued as real photo cards.

In addition they produced a vast array of other products that held photographic images.

This firm was one of the most prominent and prolific publishers of postcards from early court-sized postcards in about 1895 through to the 1960s.

Its very varied output includes many Hertfordshire view cards.

Carbo Colour cards from the 1930’s also came with Tartan borders but many were also printed with plain white borders.

They were printed as tinted halftones, often with ben day patterns added.

They continue using lithographic dots of fawn rather than yellow, and their blues and reds tend to be distinct.

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By the 1900’s they were producing a great number of views of Great Britain labeled as the Valentine Series.An XL series was also produced for sepia toned real photo cards.After the First World War, Valentine produced a wide variety of view cards in addition to their Artotypes with many brand names.After James’ death in 1879 his two sons, George Dobson and William Dobson took over the Company, but in 1884 George moved to New Zealand where he became a landscape photographer.In 1880 Valentine began producing Christmas cards and by 1896 they began printing postcards.

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