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And I’ve had to learn how to take care of my own stuff and deal with it in a more upfront way.Because part of what you talk about with the idea of—it’s a loaded issue, is there’s a lot of history surrounding money and people, when it comes to their family and what money means.A year and a half later the post continues to get a few comments every week or so. In other words, we’ve never tested or experienced marriage with separate finances.What I didn’t fully realize at the time of writing this post (that I do know now) is how of a topic this is for people. Try as we might to make it black and white, it involves very real and often raw emotions. I only tell you this so you know where I come from. Roth, a friend and mentor, who runs one the largest financial blogs on the internet – has talked about how he and his wife have separate finances many times.However, my biggest issue with separate finances is, anytime I have my own account, even if it’s very small amounts, I feel like I’m encouraged to be dishonest. But that means that I have avenues to begin to maybe make purchases that aren’t—that are out of line with what I know are our common goals. Obviously, I have that urge because that’s deeply ingrained in me.It’s easier for me to fall off the wagon, I guess is what I’m saying. Because I was raised by parents that—my mom would take us shopping, and it was classic.So then we kind of made the decision at that point, “Hey, what’s going to work best for us is separate accounts.” We both had jobs.

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It’s hard for me to grasp that concept because I’ve just always been raised as a joint finance person. It’s just that when I do, I know I’m going to be held accountable if it goes a little bit haywire, and vice versa. So my question for you is – you have separate accounts. Do you ever have the urge to sort of like, “Oh, I could spend on this, or 0 on this, and my wife would really never know.” Do you ever have those sort of urges to sort of hide things, and how do you fight against that, obviously?

Should a long-term couple (married or not) have combined or separate finances?

I say “revisit” because I brought up this topic over a year and a half ago on this very blog.

I honestly believe our marriage is as a result of our combined financial life.

Core #2: Income – no matter where it comes from – is “ours”. When Milligan was born, I sold a property management company I had worked my butt off to build. – we embrace that either one of us can “provide” and are willing to invest in what we think is best for I feel like having separate financial lives, incomes, split bills, responsibilities, and financial goals would make us… I realize that’s likely a huge over simplification, but it wouldn’t feel right to me.

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