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(Current MRR future MRR in commit, minus the MRR of customers unlikely to renew within the fiscal year.) Historically has referred to 5pm, but often used interchangeably with EOD (end of day).Phone call to a potential customer that you’ve had no prior contact with.Across all accounts, the mean amount of revenue per month.Used most often in businesses where contracts are one year in length. (back to top) Companies that sell goods and services to other companies.A representation of your ideal customer that describes who they are, what their objectives are, what motivates them, how they think, and where and when they buy. To calculate: (spend salaries commissions bonuses overhead) / #of new customers during that time period.A US law that sets the rules for commercial emails, giving recipients the right to have a business stop emailing them.

The percentage of email addresses that didn’t receive the message you sent because the message was returned by the mailer server or client.Cold email formula that uses cause-and-effect reasoning to build trust and persuade someone to take action.Compares two versions (version A and version B) of something to see which one performs better. A department responsible for paying a company’s bills on time.It also outlines the penalties incurred for those who violate the law.The amount of operational activity money that is currently being transferred into and out of a company.

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