What is an invalidating assignment

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Assertions are an ideal way to make the program stop as soon as something is wrong.

They work by ‘asserting’ that something is true and if it isn’t then the program stops.

As well as informal testing, using a test harness and writing automated tests will help guarantee code you have already written keeps doing what you expect and helps prevent bugs you have already fixed from reappearing.Handle errors nicely Asserts are a great way of validating data and are very useful during development, however once a program is in the hands of the users you want your error handling to be a little nicer than stopping the program immediately.There is nothing more frustrating than a program that just dies without warning or explanation.In programs with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) this usually means there is a catch-all at the user interface layer that displays a message to the user (or something similar) before attempting to save the data and then shutting down.Keep It Simple The simpler your code is, the easier it is to construct and maintain.

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