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Text messages to a mobile phone in Guatemala must precede the code for international long distance (00) country code (502) 8-digit number in Guatemala.Back to the top Always check the weather report before your departure.Likewise, neutral colors are preferable, especially whilst on nature trails.Moreover, when visiting Mayan temples, you will find that the staircases leading to the top are rather steep, and therefore modest shorts or light trousers are the more practical option.If your trip involves long stretches on a bus it’s recommended that you bring your favorite music with you (on a walkman, MP3 or similar device if you are traveling with a group).Even in some luxury hotels there won’t be a TV in the room; so bringing a book is a good idea.

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If your local operator works with this company, you will have good reception in all cities and most of the rural areas. It has good reception in all cities and among all suppliers it has the widest reception in the rural areas.

You should also carry some sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, mosquito repellent and the business card of the hotel you are staying at.

A small calculator might be also useful, as well as a small dictionary Back to the top Before traveling, contact your local operator and make sure that your mobile phone is compatible with the technology of our networks and find out the agreements they might have for roaming form Guatemala.

During the daytime, it is likely to be warm in all regions of Guatemala.

However, during the months of December and January in the highlands it can sometimes be cold, even during the day. In the hotter, more humid lowland regions you will be more comfortable in light cotton clothing.

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