The perks of dating an older man

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In Nigeria especially, most couples are about the same age and when they’re not, it’s the man that’s older. An older woman most usually has got her own life: her own apartment, her own money, her own career.Perhaps it is set that way as there is the belief that an older man will be in a better position to care for and protect a younger woman. She doesn’t to depend on any man for survival in life really.Quite refreshing is the fact that she does not move in a herd.

Just as I wanted, her eyes met mine and I could see the embarrassment in her eyes. Maybe it was the sad look in her eyes or how uncomfortable she seemed, but instantly I felt really bad. I know firsthand why a younger man would sincerely opt for a woman older than him.She does not need the approval of a ‘larger governing body’; her man will never be in a position where he has to apologize to not just her, but every single member of her herd when they fight.Most importantly, she has a wealth of experience and connection that informs her actions and decisions, and this is what will help her make him a better man. It can sometimes come with unique challenges, but with all the perks that come with it, Nigerian men may want to consider changing their preferences and broadening their bracket when searching for love.It was a difficult situation for me: I was torn between smiling at their very beautiful child and judging the older white woman who obviously lured the younger man to marry her.I stared at her so much, that she feels probably uncomfortable. Why would she come and deprive us of such a handsome young man?

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