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Yes, you’ll still get motion blur in a moving subject, but sharp surroundings can save an image that would otherwise be worthless.Many of the best lenses these days have stabilization built in, but none of Nikon’s camera bodies have it built in.Hundreds of thousands of people have used this free tutorial to learn how to make beautiful HDR photos — I am sure it can teach you too! Current users of Aurora HDR should check this link to see if you qualify for the upgrade price. 🙂 Aurora HDR 2018 is now available for both Mac AND Windows!While the back and top plates of the Nikon are magnesium, the entire body of the Sony is metal, which helps account for its heft.Both cameras are heavily sealed, so extended use in the field should not be a concern.While the D850 is a medium sized DSLR, the A7R III is more comparable in size to a compact point-and-shoot camera.It is just a half centimeter wider than the Sony a6500, about a half pound less than the Nikon.

With built-in stabilization, you get the benefits with any lens that you use.

Want to shoot with a manual focus Zeiss Batis or Loxia lens? This also means that you don’t need to pay for more expensive stabilized lenses, and you don’t have to carry around the extra weight of stabilized lenses.

Of course, a wide range of stabilized lenses are made for Nikon, and many of them offer 3 or 4 stops of stabilization, perfectly tuned to the performance of that particular lens.

Given its weight and size, I’d rather carry the Sony.

If you have large hands, the camera may be more comfortable with the battery grip attached.

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