Live chat rooms with masterbating guys updating home entry

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This includes making you look better, giving you more motivation to go out and make more money/approach women, provide you with confidence and give you a deeper voice.

Women are attracted to testosterone and masculinity, this is natural.

But we have all been fed incorrect information, however it’s not our fault for believing it, we all trust experts, that’s why they’re called experts.

It takes a hell of a lot of energy to create sperm, it’s one of the main reasons why men live shorter lives on average than women.

The body decides to improve you in every way possible in order to attract women.

The added benefit is that women and success are closely linked.Humans have a built in desire to reproduce and pass on our genetics.If you satisfy this need by masturbating, then the body and the brain believe that you’re doing well in life.They also report receiving huge increases in motivation for life and success, they suddenly want to do more than lie in bed and watch TV all day.I personally don’t believe in the superpowers, I believe it’s merely a man experiencing normality.

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