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Eventually, I was able to forgive my mom and understand this was something she wasn’t told either, and the doctors had kept this from her as well.

They were never really honest with her about her child. I was living with my dad at the time, so my dad was there with me, and he was really great. My doctors told my parents everything they needed to know.

They told me what that was about and what that meant in terms of my body and my hormones.

I went to a few gynecologists and eventually learned that there had probably been a medical procedure done against my genitals as a child without my knowledge.

Not everyone is happy about Michael Phelps becoming a father.

The intersex woman who was revealed to be Phelps’ girlfriend at the time of his 2014 DUI arrest in Baltimore said that the news that Phelps and fiancee Nicole Johnson are expecting hit her hard.

Keating: I found out I'm intersex at 19 years old, which is a little bit later than most people find out that they're intersex.

"Being born with an intersex condition is almost as common as being born a redhead," Quinn revealed in the video.

The pair went on to explain other facts about being intersex -- like that there are more than 30 different intersex variations ("intersex" is an umbrella term), that sometimes doctors can tell when someone is intersex and sometimes they can't, and that people can find out they have an intersex variation at any age. 26) is Intersex Awareness Day, and to celebrate, MTV News caught up with 22 year-old Axel Keating and 26-year-old Ali von Klan, two super badass intersex awareness activists who both learned that they were intersex as teenagers.

Last year when Lauren, everyone's favorite bossy-blond-mean-girl character on MTV's "Faking It," revealed that she was intersex, a lot of people were confused.

Luckily, Bailey De Young, the actress who plays Lauren, teamed up with the amazing Emily Quinn -- who is Intersex IRL and consulted on Lauren's character for the show -- to clear things up in a PSA.

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