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​Q: Early on in your presentation, you explored some of the most common beliefs and misconceptions about furries. A: There are a number of common misconceptions about furries.

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In addition, they can download our free e Book at see an excellent summary of everything we've learned about the furry fandom from nearly a decade of research.Moreover, given the fandom's fantasy-themed nature, many furries feel that it makes little sense to mock or discriminate against others—it's hard to make fun of someone when you're dressed up as a fuzzy blue fox.Couple this with the fandom's strong progressive/liberal orientation, and you end up with a community where LGBTQ members feel welcome and where people who may have been unwilling to consider non-heterosexual or non-traditional gender identities feel welcome "testing the water" when it comes to expressing these aspects of themselves.As such, they "fill in the blanks" with assumptions about deviant sexuality, and assume "it must be a sex thing".These misconceptions are also helped along by inaccurate portrayals of the furry fandom in media (e.g., CSI), which characterize furries as sexual deviants in the interest of creating a more titillating story.

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