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The Isaias regime killed Mihret Eyob On April 14, 2017, the government-media announced that the “Veteran Fighter Ms.Mihret Eyob has passed away aged 65.” She was not martyred as the rest of her colleagues—unless the PFDJ suddenly embraced its atheist nature and simply abandoned the tradition of martyrdom! Where are the relatives who should be screaming before the victims die? In PFDJ’s Eritrea, talking about a family member makes you selfish and individualistic, talking about the suffering of your village people, makes you clannish, talking about your province, makes you a regional, talking about religious rights, makes you a sectarian—the only kosher topic the regime tolerates is empty sloganeering.That culture, which is supported by divine scripture, is well established in the region, and that is why most people do not die, they are martyred.However, Eritreans face a dilemma when a victimized prisoner and his jailer die: are both considered martyrs?Understandably, it’s difficult for anyone who is not in their shoes to appreciate their situation—they are anxious and blackmailed individuals who live in agony.

Worse, it took the sacrifice of Eritreans for granted and carelessly uses it to advance its narrow interests.

Unfortunately, the role of most of the relatives of the prisoners, their friends and close associates, in fighting for the freedom of the victims, has been abysmal.

In fact, the silence of some of them borders on complacency.

Regrettably, those who should be on the forefront demanding freedom for their loved ones, those who should spearhead the struggle to end their suffering, are not as visible as they should be.

Ideally, exerting pressure on the culprit to free the victims should have been the concern of the timid relatives and friends of the imprisoned, who are selfishly living their lives as if nothing has happened.

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