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This civilization was at its peak before the mountains were raised, when according to Charles Darwin, man was still closely related to the monkey ...

"there was an attempt to correlate the teachings of Ra in Egypt, Saneid in India, with that of the Gobi or Mongolia, the Persian, of Og and Atlantis, Carpathian, the Pyrenees with that of La, Mu, or Lemuria... C., in Gobi land after most had left Lemuria" and "Sacred books, then, were the writings from the Temple of the Sun as well as from Mu" This Temple was in what is now the Gobi Desert (then fertile and temperate), the buried ruins of Kara Khota, legendary "City of Gold," (excavated partially by Russian archaeologist Peter Kozlov in 1896) due west of Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia.

only two years prior to the Colonels first work, John Mac Millan Brown, a retired professor at Canterbury University College, introduced his Riddle of the Pacific, claiming there was once a continent in the Pacific, now submerged save for island groups, on which megalithic ruins still existed.

The etymology is confusing at best: Lemuria allegedly received its name first though English naturalist Philip Lutley Schlater who dubbed it that in 1870 to designate the land-route lemurs used to spread from Madagascar to New Guinea, in his Geography of Mammals (London, 1889). A more likely scenario is that the name derived from ancient Romans use of the word "Lentures" to describe spirits of their dead ancestors., in his trance readings on Lemuria in the 1930s, refers to it as "Muri, or Lemuria," as well as "La-Mu," "Mu" and "Zu." It is called "Ra-Mu" in the Lhasa Records, 4.000-year-old Tibetan texts written in Chaldean, discovered by Paul Schliemann (grandson of Heinrich, who unearthed Troy) in a Buddhist temple.

Many of his findings, once ridiculed, have been proven and cross-proven; notch data is still being debated.

Helens had just suffered over 100 tiny tremors; Sisters shows activity currently with an increasing bulge. This chain, he contends, is connected to three Mexican volcanoes by a gas-belt system far beneath the earths surface (12 to 18 miles), and when a block develops along the belt, earthquakes result if the block is not blown off by volcanic eruption along the he It-line.

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