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Adelaide Tarr Gimmitch, known throughout the country as "the Unkies' Girl," because during the Great War she had advocated calling our boys in the A. She wanted to send to every soldier at the Front a canary in a cage.

Think what it would have meant to them in the way of companionship and inducing memories of home and mother! And who knows—maybe you could train 'em to hunt cooties!

Most of the ladies and more than half of the gentlemen wore evening clothes, and it was rumored that before the feast the inner circle had had cocktails, privily served in Room 289 of the hotel.

The tables, arranged on three sides of a hollow square, were bright with candles, cut-glass dishes of candy and slightly tough almonds, figurines of Mickey Mouse, brass Rotary wheels, and small silk American flags stuck in gilded hard-boiled eggs.

If you operate on the “where there’s smoke there must be fire” principle you can easily wonder whether there might be some truth to the smears they spread.

It is a difficult concept to accept that people will simply LIE, even give false sworn testimony under penalty of perjury, because they believe they are protecting “man’s only hope for salvation.” To begin to understand the mindset scientologists have about those who criticize any part of it, read this article: Dealing with Critics of Scientology — The L.

As I did after each program in the first season, I am putting this here as a place for people to make comments about the show that has just aired.

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for these U-nited States, a-lone among the great powers, have no desire for foreign conquest.And, though herself unfortunately childless, she was esteemed as a lecturer and writer about Child Culture, and she was the author of a volume of nursery lyrics, including the immortal couplet: All of the Roundies are resting in rows, With roundy-roundies around their toes. It is composed of females who spend one half their waking hours boasting of being descended from the seditious American colonists of 1776, and the other and more ardent half in attacking all contemporaries who believe in precisely the principles for which those ancestors struggled. But on a public platform her voice became brassy, her eyes filled with embarrassing fury. She was constantly poking into things that were none of her business, and at town meetings she criticized every substantial interest in the whole county: the electric company's rates, the salaries of the schoolteachers, the Ministerial Association's high-minded censorship of books for the public library.But always, 1917 or 1936, she was a raging member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Now, at this moment when everything should have been all Service and Sunshine, Mrs. " Then the good old war horse, Gimmitch, veteran of a hundred campaigns against subversive Reds, trained to ridicule out of existence the cant of Socialist hecklers and turn the laugh against them, swung into gallant action: "My dear good woman, if a gal, as you call it, has any real charm and womanliness, she won't have to 'hook' a man—she'll find 'em lined up ten deep on her doorstep! She tore into it: "I tell you, my friends, the trouble with this whole country is that so many are SELFISH! Thinking only of how much wages they can extort out of their unfortunate employer, with all the responsibilities he has to bear! Peace is a great dream, but maybe sometimes it's only a pipe dream!You may have seen some of the over-the-top statements about Leah, me or anyone who has a differing opinion of scientology’s infallibility and dares voice it.It is perhaps the hardest thing for someone new to this subject to grasp.

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