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Steve Morrison is a youth and young adults' pastor on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

He was formerly a professional musician, holds degrees in ancient history, science and theology, and continues to research in the area of evangelism while playing the odd bit of jazz on the side. He is the author of Born This Way and The Path of Purity.

In my experience as a youth minister, the topics of sexual purity and “how far can I go? But it needs deep consideration, because careless dating can amplify sexual temptations and cause great damage to Christian relationships.

The first often-overlooked question is: when should a Christian start dating?

From the children to the seniors, the members of a church need to have godly and astute opinions about dating.

In the end, a culture of wise and godly dating will not only glorify God but will benefit every one of his people—the church.

Here's a radical dating strategy: Just chill the fuck out.

If everyone relaxed about a handful of things, plenty of the stress and drama that goes hand in hand with courtship could be eliminated.

So how practically can we date only when we are ready to get married?

Make lots of Christian friends; you’re never too young for friends!

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