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Other members included Jan Gratama (who gave it its name), Berend Tobia Boeyinga, P. The majority of my interactions with dating apps have been peripheral: urging nervous single friends to join, swiping through others’ prospects at parties, insisting it’s cool, generally, to say you met online.Buildings of the Amsterdam School are characterized by brick construction with complicated masonry with a rounded or organic appearance, relatively traditional massing, and the integration of an elaborate scheme of building elements inside and out: decorative masonry, art glass, wrought ironwork, spires or "ladder" windows (with horizontal bars), and integrated architectural sculpture.The aim was to create a total architectural experience, interior and exterior.The movement and its followers played an important role in Berlage's overall plans for the expansion of Amsterdam. Main theme: Expressionist architecture (Amsterdam School, de Klerk, Kramer, Mendelsohn, Finsterlin, Feininger et al.). The most important architects and virtuoso artists of the Amsterdam School were Michel de Klerk and Piet Kramer. The Amsterdam School had its origins in the office of architect Eduard Cuypers in Amsterdam. After De Klerk died in 1923, the style lost its importance.Although Cuypers was not a progressive architect himself, he gave his employees plenty of opportunity to develop. The De Bijenkorf Store in the Hague by Piet Kramer from 1926 is considered to be the last example of "classic" Amsterdam School Expressionism.

The Amsterdam School movement is part of international Expressionist architecture, sometimes linked to German Brick Expressionism.Imbued with socialist ideals, the Amsterdam School style was often applied to working-class housing estates, local institutions and schools.For many Dutch towns Hendrik Berlage designed the new urban schemes, while the architects of the Amsterdam School were responsible for the buildings.With regard to the architectural style, Michel de Klerk had a different vision than Berlage.In the magazine "Bouwkundig Weekblad 45/1916" Michel de Klerk criticized Berlage's recent buildings in the style of Dutch Traditionalism.

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