Assumptions behind radiometric dating

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The axial hydrothermal vents occur along the axes of mid-ocean ridges where active rift faulting has brought the hottest basalts near the ocean floor.These springs are dominated by water hotter than by way of the axial vents is complicated by the difficulty in measuring the actual vent temperature and calculating the rock to water ratio in these springs.The salty brine has actually been sampled in locations where it issues onto the sea floor, and appears to be derived from solution of rock salt (halite) and gypsum within strata under Florida.The quantity of ground water seepage into the ocean on a global scale can be estimated from the quantity of global yearly rainfall minus global evaporation as compared to global river runoff.Crystals of halite are carried with other aerosols by the winds from the ocean to the continents.A major quantity of these aerosols form condensation nuclei for clouds, some are scrubbed from the atmosphere by rain, and a small fraction falls out dry onto the earth.According to Garrels and Mackenzie [14], Dissolved in the steam that continental volcanoes deliver to the earth's surface are small quantities of Na .Meybeck [17] calculated the mass delivered from airborne volcanic aerosols to the ocean.

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Some of the springs have water hotter than containing significantly more total dissolved solids than seawater.Global river runoff is about 10% less than global rainfall minus evaporation [19].This missing water from the continents (approximately L/yr) is believed to be the total ground water seepage from the continents.The enormous imbalance shows that the sea should contain much more salt than it does today if the evolutionary model were true. Rubey [4] were among many who conjectured that in the ocean to remain roughly constant with time. salt must somehow leave the ocean."[5] Those who endorse a 4.5 billion year old earth agree that Joly's 80 to 90 million years is not the age, but the "residence time" for they assert, provides no means for establishing an age for the ocean.A differential equation containing minimum input rates and maximum output rates allows a maximum age of the ocean of to the ocean by rivers has been recognized by scientists for hundreds of years. They affirm, "The 4.5 billion year chronology of earth history is in no way weakened or disqualified by an appeal to the salt content of the terrestrial oceans."[7] But where is the empirical evidence supporting the "steady state" model?

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