Are joss stone and raphael saadiq still dating

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But I’ll say John Singleton just kind of read my mind one day and was telling me that I should score a film—or television. And I was like, “If I’ma take a stab at it, this is the time to do it.” And I just kind of jumped in feet first and head first and said, “Let’s go for it.”, you’re composing music for not just one, but two shows. And, then, I had heard about it, and I was just up for it like everybody else.You’ve contributed songs to movies and TV shows in the past, but you didn’t get fully immersed into scoring until you composed the score for Kasi Lemmons’ gospel movie musical "Black Nativity." How did you get involved with that? First, how did you get involved with "Underground"? A friend of mine, Laura Karpman, which is a partner of mine who I score with on some films, she came to me and said, “We should do this.” And I was really into the project.I guess one of my real starts was working with John Singleton on "Boyz n the Hood." I did a song for John, and he never sent me the clip of what I wanted.It was a scene with Nia Long in it, and he told me it was a love scene between her and Cuba Gooding, Jr. So then, later on, he sent me another clip from "Higher Learning." I’m sorry—he didn’t send the clip.I mean, it was always something that I always really liked and always looked into.I knew, one day, I would have more time to do it and I would try to get involved with it.

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But it just didn’t have my name on it—I had to put [Tony! He told me I would be good at it, so then, I really started looking into it after that a lot, and I knew one day that I would get into it. Forest Whitaker is in it, also a lot of great actors.There was other people who was up for it, and they were really into the hip-hop.Misha [Green, "Underground’"s co-creator] was really into hip-hop and she was really into Kanye [West] also…Since then, Iâve worked on tracks with Solange, an artist from Baltimore that Iâve been developing named CJ, Keyshia Cole, Snoop and Dave Young (whoâs on Mary J.Bligeâs new label) Raphael Saadiq plays Londons Jazz Cafe on November 10th & 11th.

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