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In honor of Presidents Day, we are featuring some of our most important fly-fishing Presidents.Because the Presidents took longer time off, sometimes up to three months, the opportunity was there for them to enjoy a quiet day on the river where the biggest problem they ran into was deciding between a size 14 or 16 dry fly.His Rapidan Camp provided solace from the rigors of attempting to lead the country out of the Great Depression and it was the first compound ever used for Presidential retreats.It was Hoover’s intention for the property to be enjoyed by future Presidents, but FDR chose his own compound in Maryland’s Catoctin Mountains, which became Camp David.

According to his autobiography, Rosalynn learned to fly-cast there as well, “practicing for hours casting into the swimming pool at Camp David.

Management strategies potentially restricting the own activity were, on average, opposed.

Anglers with high pro-ecological and low traditional management beliefs, negative stocking and positive HM attitudes, satisfied with the previous angling year, less catch orientated, successful (catch) and committed, fishing most frequently in natural water bodies, and living in more rural areas exhibited the preference to fund HM as opposed to stocking.

Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, are both avid fly anglers, to say the least, traveling as far as Mongolia to pursue taimen in 2013.

During his presidency, he struck up many friendships with equally presidential figures in the fly-fishing world, including Lee Wulff, Vince Marinaro, Dave Whitlock, and Ed Shenck.

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