10 commandments dating daughter

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As the mom of a teenage daughter, I occasionally feel like I am parenting on a separate planet from my friends who have teenage sons.At Lisa’s house, sports are in full swing, and the mountains of standardized tests and specter of finals loom ahead.The Mississippi School of Protocol & Etiquette can give you more pointers. Her parents won’t be — unless they dislike you and hope you won’t be around for long (in which case, you’re screwed).Have a few lines in mind so that when asked how serious you are about their daughter, you respond without stuttering, “We’ve been dating a couple of months, and we have a bright future.” Her mom is her best friend and the most important person in her life.She has an infectious smile you will only see when she’s on a boat, her hair tangled by the salty gulf breeze.

You will learn not to waste a morsel of shellfish — there are techniques for extracting the last bit of shrimp from the tail and sucking crawfish heads.Fifteen minutes to rent a tux, a five-minute phone call to order a corsage and yes, the sum total of time boys spent on the prom…twenty minutes.With the biggest attire decision a boy has to make is peaked lapel or shawl, there is little to talk about except for the invitation.The onus of asking, despite so much about our gender roles changing, still lies with boys so whom to ask and how, are the important questions concerning young men.But at our house, talk of the high school prom pops up with my daughter’s group of friends with the regularity of a favorite TV show which, at times, the conversation resembles.

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